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Various Types Of Stainless Steel Shelves

If you have kitchen with many stainless steel accessories and furniture, you cannot miss having a couple of stainless steel shelves in it. Luckily you will find a wide variety of shelving choices based on what you need, including mount bracket shelves, floating shelves, sink shelves, pot rack shelves, microwave wall shelves and many more.

As you can see the choice is only limited by your kitchen needs, as you can find online and at local retailers pretty much anything that you'd ever want (or didn't even know it exists).

Stainless Steel Mount Bracket Shelves

stainless steel wall shelvesAlso called stainless steel wall shelves, they are perfect for any modern kitchen that has a rather limited wall space. Most shelves are made of 18 or 20 gauge heavy duty stainless steel with a stainless steel brush finish and smooth, welded and polished corners. Usually support brackets are also provided when you purchase your shelves with adequate 'snap in place' hardware that will make mounting on the wall very easy. Also screws are usually included in your installation kit pack. These shelves are not only perfect for the kitchen area but also for any other room that values highly a sanitary environment that the stainless steel shelves can easily offer.

Stainless Steel Floating Shelves

stainless steel floating shelvesThey are also great to install in kitchen that have limited wall space. People like them in their kitchen because the support brackets are effectively hidden from view which makes the shelves quite nice to look at without the distractions of mounting equipment in view for an elegant look in your cooking area. The stainless steel design prevents them from getting stained and messy, and they are extremely easy to clean. Also constructed of 20 gauge heavy duty stainless steel material, they are very durable and long lasting.

Sink Shelves And Tip Out Trays

stainless steel tip out trayIf you have a rather small kitchen with little to no space in it, the sink shelves are there to solve the lack of space with ease. They are mounted behind your sink and they are not only highly functional but also extremely elegant and pleasing to the eyes. You can store in them your dishwashing liquid, your sponges, stoppers and other kitchen gadget that you usually keep around the sink. Many come with interesting scroll designs as backing that enhance their appearance greatly. The legs have non slip backing that prevents them from slipping from your countertop. Very easy to install and clean, they are a sure winner in every kitchen. Another variety is the stainless steel tip out tray with hinges.

Stainless Steel Pot Racks

stainless steel pot racksThe pot rack shelves, also called cookbook shelves are very elegant and functional, allowing you to store on them various kitchen utensils and even your most popular cookbooks. They are usually wall mounted with easy to install guides and equipment. These shelves have usually welded end plates that help with keeping the books in upright position. When you purchase these shelf types you also get 4 stainless steel supports. As the racks are made of stainless steel, they are highly durable, easy to clean and maintain. The average number of cups they can hold is 7 including cups, pans, pots and other kitchen gadgets. Some people even use them in the hall for coat and hat racks, making them very versatile pieces of home accessories.

Microwave Stainless Steel Shelves

microwave stainless steel shelvesIf you suffer from lack of space on your table or countertop, the microwave shelves are there to help you with it. You can easily mount them on the wall and put your microwave oven in them. Easily mountable, they are every efficient and also extremely good looking in your kitchen. You will have your guests staring in admiration at them. You can not only store your microwave in it but also add various cups and other small knick-knacks on top of it since it has a wide hop designed to hold things on it. The bottom usually has additional hooks (2 or 3) that are used to store extra cups, oven gloves or other kitchen accessories on it. The microwave oven is extremely easy to install and if you want jo jazz up your kitchen with something functional and beautiful that not many other homeowners have, this is the appliance for you.